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Orange, CA


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LP3 and The Tragedy


LP3 and The Tragedy

Louie Perez III and his band the Tragedy emerged from the type of musical lineage and pedigree that produces not just great records, but interesting records. LP3 & the Tragedy’s debut record Southland Hum is just that, a great record that tells an interesting story. Louie shares his father’s name, Louis Perez Jr., who happens to be a founding member of the seminal American rock band Los Lobos. Born in East Los Angeles, Louie III has lived all around the southland culminating in the experiences that make up this record. Louie has always been a talented artist, becoming well-known in the tattoo scene where he works at the venerated Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

Southland Hum tells the stories of Californians through the lens of its everyday average people. Numbers such as Farm, Uneasy Street, City of Dreams and Southland Hum describe the vivid landscapes of Southern California and the people who live, love and work there. These aren’t the lives of celebrities and the Hoi Polloi. These are the lives of migrants, the working-man, and young people searching for a meaningful existence. Join Louie (Guitar, Vocals), Ruby Rosas (Bass, Vocals), Eric Fuller (Drums, Percussion), Carlos Guzman (Guitars), and Mike Berault (Keys, Accordion) as they take you along for a ride telling a story about Southern California’s rich landscape of rolling hills that are intermixed with miles of concrete, worn art deco buildings, and the aspiring dreams of those looking to get into show business or even just a decent well-paying job. And in the background of it all shines the hazy, skewed faded sunshine of Southern California.


Praise For LP3 and The Tragedy:

“There are members sprouted from the PanAmerican roots of Los Lobos and tweaked by the dark, swampy blues of The Gun Club. There are members who have refined their chops in punk, ska, and funk but inevitably turned their attention toward the roots of it all. united and propelled by a sense of family through blood, touring, and DIY culture, LP3 and the Tragedy posses a staggering combined mass of musical tastes, talent, and muscle memory” - Martin Wong


LP3 and The Tragedy - Southland Hum
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