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Orange, CA


Maplewood Records is an Independent Record Label that takes the "Industry" out of the Music Industry. ReIssues, ReReleases, New Releases, Pressings

About Us

Maplewood Records

Founded by Ian Capilouto in the Spring of 2014, Maplewood Records is a hands-on, Independent record label based in Orange County, CA. Founded with the artist in mind, Maplewood Records strives to take the "Industry" out of the Music Industry by championing the artists, music, and products that we love. 

Without art there is no appreciation. In order to truly appreciate art one must delve deeper than the surface to find the true meaning. At Maplewood Records we believe that every artist has a story to be told, and those stories are the stories we strive to share with the world.

With a Rerelease of the long forgotten, and under-appreciated, 60s Psych-pop band The Glass Family's 1968 album "Electric Band," Maplewood Records has set a precedent for releasing products that have a tale to be told. In addition to the original LP we have released an additional LP of remixed and remastered unreleased tracks that give a look into how the artists themselves would have wanted the record to sound. Additional photos, interviews, and other exclusive content lets the consumer immerse themselves within the art and experience the music with more clarity.

As Maplewood Records moves forward, we commit to becoming a resource for fans obsessive of music to delve into neighborhoods, scenes, and genres they did not know they loved. Whether it be a unreleased album from a Country music icon, a rerelease from a Los Angeles cult Indie Band or a group of scenesters from Northern Indiana, Maplewood Records pledges to deliver the Music, without the Industry.