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Orange, CA


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The Glass Family - Electric Band

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The Glass Family - Electric Band

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The Glass Family - Electric Band


This double-LP comes with a gatefold sleeve featuring the original artwork on the front and back, and new artwork plus interview and biography in the inside. 

The first LP is a reissue of the original '67 album.

The second LP offers previously uinissued recordings, with a raw sound and including an alternate take of 'House Of Glass'.

Maplewood Records is reissuing their 1968 LP 'Electric Band' as a double LP with the second LP being called 'Should We Not Handle Each Other With Care'.

The second LP has 9 never before heard tracks that were from their original recording sessions, plus an alternate version of the single 'House of Glass'.

Both LP's stand out as two different records. 'Electric Band' is the slickly produced record that the label requested, while 'Should We Not Handle Each Other With Care' sounds like a tight, rock band cutting tracks fresh off of playing gigs with the likes of the Vanilla Fudge or the Grateful Dead.

Limited to 250 copies. 


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A1 - House Of Glass  3:12

A2 - Born In The U.S.A  2:32

A3 - Once Again  2:40

A4 - Sometimes You Wander (Henry's Tune)  3:01

A5 - The Means  4:11

A6 - Do You Remember  3:22

B1 - Want To See My Baby  3:46

B2 - Lady Blue  2:46

B3 - Passage #17  2:32

B4 - Mr. Happy Glee  2:37

B5 - Guess I'll Let You Go  2:48

B6 - Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables)  4:12

C1 - Where'd You Get That Smile?  3:19

C2 - School Book Blues  2:51

C3 - Funny Feeling  3:34

C4 - Baby's Gone  3:11

C5 - Traveling  5:06

D1 - Two X Two  4:01

D2 - The Day That The Earth Stood Stoned  4:05

D3 - Nightwrap For Dee  3:55

D4 - Highway 1  2:58

D5 - House Of Glass (Alternate Version)  3:05