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Own a Copy of The Beatles - White Album, Signed By Manson


Own a Copy of The Beatles - White Album, Signed By Manson

Bill Jones

Follow this link to Listed on the site is a copy of The Beatles - White Album, allegedly autographed by Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Charles “Tex” Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel (members of his “family”).

Is this thing real? If it is, then it is the Holy Grail of music/murder memorabilia.

The price tag for such an item?

$49,005.00 + FREE Shipping (that's nice)

Anyone with any knowledge of Charles Manson, his "cult,” and the murders associated with the “Manson Family” would instantly have their interests piqued. It has been argued by Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in court, and in his book Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, that several of the songs on The White Album were interpreted by Charles Manson as signs pointing to a coming racial revolution that would place Manson as a Christ-figure.

All signitures in blue ballpoint pen except Leslie Van Houten, who signed in black. Manson added the inscription: “Can you live in sin or in it LAST WORD-NO easy, Charles Manson” and added a swastika through his signature; of course.

Allegedly, the signatures were obtained by a gentleman who was at one time associated with the Manson family at the Spahn Ranch. He "acquired" them at the respective prisons where they Family Members are incarcerated in California.

Both the top and bottom seams are cut through with a knife; the album was checked for possible contraband upon entry to the prison. Which resulted in the cover being separated from the inner gatefold. The blank, white album cover shows other signs of wear, including a water stain in the lower left corner, typical of an LP from this age. The two vinyl records are included, with a number of scratches on both which may affect play.

A chart on this UMKC site details Manson’s interpretations of White Album songs (at least according to Bugliosi):

Manson believed that the Beatles spoke to him through their lyrics, especially those included in the White Album, released in December 1968.  Several songs from the White Album crystalized Manson’s thinking about a coming revolt by blacks against the white Establishment.  He interpreted many of the songs idiosyncratically, believing, for example, that “Rocky Raccoon” meant black people and “Happiness is a Warm Gun” was a song about getting firearms to carry on the revolution rather than—more obviously—a song about sex.
The White Album played a key role in forging Manson’s warped ideology. 
According to Family member Paul Watkins, “Before Helter Skelter came along, all Charlie cared about was orgies.”

The White Album contains the song “Helter Skelter”, a main component in the whole Manson Family Murder saga.

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