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Orange, CA


Maplewood Records is an Independent Record Label that takes the "Industry" out of the Music Industry. ReIssues, ReReleases, New Releases, Pressings



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Own a Copy of The Beatles - White Album, Signed By Manson

Bill Jones

Follow this link to Listed on the site is a copy of The Beatles - White Album, allegedly autographed by Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Charles “Tex” Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel (members of his “family”).

Is this thing real? If it is, then it is the Holy Grail of music/murder memorabilia.

The price tag for such an item?

$49,005.00 + FREE Shipping (that's nice)

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How to Clean Your Vinyl Records By Hand

Bill Jones

As fans of Vinyl Records, we here at Maplewood Records find ourselves defending the artform more and more as the "Vinyl Revival" spreads. Most of the complaints stem from the quality of the sound; the pops and hisses are said to be a nuisance. While a few pops add to the allure of the medium, a dirty record can vastly affect the sound quality of an LP. That being said, a thorough cleansing of your record is paramount to achieve the proper sound.

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